Revit Content Poll

One of the limiting factors of Revit for landscape architects is the lack of content available. Especially as a new user, you want to see what Revit can do and having access to decent content is a big part of that. So, I am going to start putting some stuff out there, but I have a couple of questions first:

I know not everyone uses the most up-to-date version of Revit.

What sort of site/ landscape architecture content do you want?

Please feel free to leave comments if you want to go into more detail about anything.


2 thoughts on “Revit Content Poll

  1. I think all those types of content would be helpful, especially fences and rocks. I’ve tried making a fence component before. It worked, but I think it could be improved. I’ve seen a few rock/boulder components online, but none of them look all that natural.
    By the way, this blog has been mentioned in Land8 discussion, so it is getting noticed. I’m glad to see a blog like this in English, especially since the only other ones I’ve found about BIM for landscape architects were written in Norwegian or some other language.

    • Thanks for the feedback, Roland. I agree, all types are useful, though rocks are particularly tricky. I’ll have to look at getting some fences up sometime soon.

      WordPress is pretty good about giving good traffic info, so I have noticed the Land8 referrer. I’m glad there is interest in BIM and fellow Revit-users out there in the landscape architecture community.

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